5 Jan 2014

Meetup Group Enjoyed My Book

Submitted by Barbara Ellen Sorensen

It was my new daughter-in-law, Kristin, who came up with the idea that I read for our Meetup group. Now, granted this is a group that hikes and reads books. Not at the same time, of course. But the premise of the group is that we read one book (assigned by Kristin) and then she chooses a trail and date and we all meet, hike, and discuss the book.

Luck would have it that it snowed like crazy yesterday, so, much to my chagrin, I didn't expect anyone to show up for the discussion. Kristin had already sent out the email stating that we wouldn't be hiking, but that we would still meet for a discussion. Much to my surprise, four other people besides Kristin and I showed up to hear me read some of the poems and to ask questions! 

The questions ranged from "How long have you been writing?" to "Do you feel comfortable reading one of the poems about the death of your son?"

The group was responsive and interested. It turned out nicely. I have another reading set for January 16th, in Westminster at Ziggi's Coffee House. This year is off to a good start.