6 Dec 2013

Lining Up Readings

Submitted by Barbara Ellen Sorensen

I haven't had time to take a breath, really, since my son's wedding in August. Yes, yes, I know it is December and the holidays are fast approaching, but we DID have a flood that interrupted our lives pretty drastically. Now that the roads are once again passable, I can start lining up readings for my new book, which you can order on this website.

Last weekend and earlier this week, I did do two readings in Denver. One, which was at a coffee house in the historic town of Arvada, was really not about me. I was just invited to be one of many readers who were there to raise money for a friend's breast cancer expenses. A worthy cause, indeed. But the other reading took place at the university where I obtained my master's degree: Regis University. The reading was pretty special for me. My academic advisor, Dr. McGovern introduced me and the Chair of Liberal Arts was present, as were other faculty members, alumni, and a few students. I'd say in terms of numbers, there were about 20 people there. Give or take.

This small cohort never surprises me. I've been to poetry readings where one or two people show up. Sigh..what can you do? Read and enjoy. Read and enjoy.